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At the bottom right of your pc screen you will see the date and time. To the left of that you will see an up arrow if you click on it you will se the blue splash icon. Click on it and you will get the pc name. 

All files are to be kept on the server and not on your pc.  If your pc dies all data on it will be lost. (Desktop, My PC and Documents are all local places on your pc)

Ransomware is software that gets loaded on your pc that can spread through your network and cripple your computers servers and phone systems. The most common two ways of getting it is by surfing the web and email. What looks like an email from your staff could actually be a malicious software, and email that says you have a fax or package could too. Do not open anything that you were not expecting. Check with the source who sent it. 

If you need to use the internet for work that is fine. If you accidently type in the wrong address and anything out of the ordinary happens shut off your pc and contact Tim,Chris or Dane

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